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Zapraszamy do wspó³pracy is the project which aim is to lead You Tube channel for technology presentation and testing of modern electronic devices. We have prepared more than 500 professional presentations.

Our materials are also used by companies in their marketing campaigns, and as a complement to the description of the product.

Our films are viewed over 1.5 million times monthly, and the number is constantly growing. We also have more than 120 000 subscribers interested in news in the market of electronics and gadgets. We successfully cooperate with world technology leaders - such as Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Intel, Motorola, HTC and many others - either directly or by external PR companies.

We are the largest Polish technology channel involved in such a wide topic of technology on YouTube in Poland.

YouTube is the second most popular Internet browser. Customers are often interested in additional information and product presentation in the form of a video. Prepared materials have a very long lifecycle guarantees able to reach an interested audience.

A professional website, Facebook and Twitter profiles are an essential complement of our activities on YouTube. We also prepare longer materials dealing with the news of the market and focusing on answering questions from viewers. These materials are also available as podcasts on iTunes. They proved to be very successful, placing us in the top 10 of most popular podcasts in technology.

Viewers appreciate our independence, integrity, objectivity, and professionally prepared videos which puts us at the forefront of opinion leaders on the Polish market.

The tested products also appear on the lifestyle channel MocnyVlog which has over 200 000 subscriptions, and videos from this channel are viewed more than 6 million times monthly.
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Street: Jod³owa 6
Zip Code: 26-085
City: Miedziana Góra
Country: Poland
Tel: +48 693 076 559

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